Fisheye Marketing Welcomes Andrea Conover


Andrea joins the Fisheye team as a Creative Strategist.

In August of 2017, Andrea accepted a position with Fisheye Marketing in Sioux Falls, SD as a Creative Strategist. She is a recent graduate of Augustana University where she studied journalism and English, and has a wide range of experience in writing, editing, design, and content creation. 

As part of the Fisheye team, Andrea will work on the creative side of things—managing social media for Fisheye clients, coordinating and implementing graphic design projects, and producing written content both internally and for clients. 

"Andrea is a joy to add to the Fisheye team," said founder Troy Klongerbo. "She's talented and her approach to content is a massive benefit to our team here in the FishBowl!"

Hailing from the Land of 10,000 Lakes, Andrea grew up in Maple Plain, a small suburb of the Twin Cities. She's making Sioux Falls the place where she'll start her career and "post-studies" life.

Our Week at Marketing United 2017 in Nashville, Through the Eyes of Troy Klongerbo

Earlier this week, my wife and I caught a connecting flight from Dallas to our home in Sioux Falls. After a long week of travel, it felt good to be back. It’s since been a few days and I’ve had the chance to go through my notes from our marketing conference.

It’s been fun to reflect. Marketing United 2017, hosted by Emma, was a blast.

My wife and I with our badges...

My wife and I with our badges...

The conference was in its third year of existence, hosted in Nashville, TN. But despite being a young event, it went off incredibly smooth. The energy was strong. There was a desire for learning that was almost palpable. If you were a marketer, you’d be happy to attend.

At a very high-level, here were a few of my favorite parts of the conference:

  1. Nashville is a gorgeous and vibrant setting.

  2. The event was branded so well. Emma staff, grade-A execution.

  3. The environment challenged marketers at all levels to think deeply about the message they are trying to communicate.

Before I go much further, I want to share my biggest takeaway from the event. It was a takeaway learned from Jay Baer, CEO of Convince & Convert and emcee for the event.

At the beginning of the conference, Jay shared that as marketers, we all have the obligation to do (& be) three things— creative, humble, and authentic.

Creativity is a mainstay, and as I’ve said elsewhere, sometimes highly-underrated. Engaging creative is imperative to what we do as marketers. It’s a requirement (creative being what we write, the pictures we share, and the videos we make).

Being humble is critical to not only success, but also in building a meaningful life and career.

But as a marketer—seeing ALL that the world is “marketing”— the word authentic stuck with me.

As marketers, we owe it to our clients, our customers, our client’s customers, and to ourselves, to be authentic. To be truthful. To be honest. To be wholly, authentic.  I believe this at my core. It’s a strong conviction. More times than not, I am authentic to a fault.

But as marketers, our responsibility here is paramount.

Deliver honest messages. Represent your product truthfully. Don’t be something that you aren’t. Fill your weaknesses by either working on your craft (a thing called practice), or by putting people around you that have those strengths. Be authentic.

Okay, I’m off my soapbox.  

If you’d like, take a few minutes to watch our video for the event here.

Other takeaways:

Scott Stratten, Unmarketing

Main Stage: Thursday, April 20

  • Ethics matter (see Bell)
  • As brands, our job is to listen. Don’t yell.
  • Good (truly good) video is INCREDIBLY hard to achieve. Know this.
  • Dig deep to find the metrics that matter .

Matthew Luhn, Pixar, Matthew Luhn Story

Main Stage: Thursday, April 20

  • Tell a story that makes people feel something. (see Up)
  • You may not be pixar, but every video you create, it must be:
    • Memorable
    • Impactful
    • Personal
  • We all make decisions with the “feel good” part of our brains...think about that.


Justine Jordan, Litmus, Fears, Myths, and Fallacies of Email Marketing

Main Stage: Thursday, April 20

  • Emails DO NOT need to look the same everywhere. But they all need to look good.

  • Don't send anything if it's going to break customer trust.

  • 54% of people feel tricked by a subject lines. Build trust!

Tom Webster, Edison Research, The Forgotten Discipline of Marketing

Main Stage: Thursday, April 20

  • “I do not believe in luck. I believe in probability.”

  • The demand portfolio:

    • Observed: People already want it (Coke).

    • Discovered: Learning about a demand that you didn’t know existed (Special K cereal as a weight-loss aid)

    • Predicted: Where you take A & B, then predicting that people will purchase a specific product (Air BnB)

    • Created: Creating a market out of thin air (Grey Goose creating high-end vodka)

There was so much more than even this…

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Fisheye Marketing Welcomes New Intern

Kyle Wendland joins the Fisheye Marketing team as a Multimedia Intern.

Fisheye Marketing in Sioux Falls, S.D. is welcoming Kyle Wendland to our team as a spring intern.

Kyle is a senior at Augustana University in Sioux Falls, studying Business Administration, with an emphasis in marketing. He plans to graduate in May with a Bachelor of Arts.

He is the co-owner of Wendland Photography in Worthington, Minn. and the director of All Day FORE Africa, a non-profit organization that works to motivate kids to make a difference in the world.

"Kyle has proven he is a leader in everything he has done," Fisheye Marketing founder, Troy Klongerbo, said. "We look forward to working with Kyle and pushing his already very high ceiling."

During his internship, his primary focus will be developing multimedia content and strategy.

"Producing top-notch content is critical to tell stories in today's world," Thomas Elness, a partner at Fisheye Marketing, said. "Kyle is an energetic, go-getter, who is up for the challenge of doing just that."

Fisheye Marketing is a full-service marketing agency, focused on supporting small businesses, based out of Sioux Falls, S.D.

Contact Us

Kyle Wendland on LinkedIn

Fisheye Marketing Adds Roberto Luces

Roberto Luces joins the Fisheye Marketing team as a Web Application Developer.

At the end of August 2016, Roberto accepted a part-time position with Fisheye Marketing as a Web Application Developer. He is a talent computer scientist who has previous experience at Raven Industries, Citi, and Augustana University.

At Fisheye Marketing, he will be gathering, analyzing, and translating website requirements into tangible code. He will perform extensive testing on websites and correct bugs to maintain clients' websites. He is a master of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

"We are delighted to have the opportunity to worth with Roberto," Fisheye Marketing founder, Troy Klongerbo, said. "He is a rising star in the Sioux Falls community as an extremely skilled leader with great communication skills."

Learn more about Roberto.