July Roundup: Soak up Summer with the Fisheye Team


It's already August. 

Time flies fast when the weather is warm. 

For our July Roundup, our team decided to give a summer update. From golf to gardening, to managing your busy summer schedule, we hit on plenty of different topics. 

As always, thanks for reading—and feel free to share your own summer experiences in the comments below! 


I’m a summer baby.

“Ah you think summertime is your ally? You merely adopted the summer. I was born in it, molded by it.”

If you’re not a Batman fan, feel free to move right past that reference.

I was born on June 21. Pretty much every year, my birthday represents the start of summer—the summer solstice.

I’ve argued with many that I may have the best birthday to exist. It’s the longest day of the year. No school. Almost always sunny. Challenge me.

Not to mention that as a child, it’s almost the perfect six-month split between birthday presents and Christmas presents.

No wonder summer is my favorite. And I’m not even a big birthday guy.

But when summertime swings around, here’s what I do:

(I’m going to leave out the mowing, gardening, yard projects, landscaping, painting, and other things. This is supposed to be a fun list, and I’m not supposed to admit that I’m starting to have fun doing yard work as I age.)


I grew up on the course. My mom called it our babysitter. She’d drop us off early and pick us up late. I played thousands of holes every summer around my childhood home along the shores of Lake Superior.

Where my summer holes today may number only in the hundreds, my passion for the game is still strong. If it’s nice out, I love to find that perfect tee time.

When I get older, I’ll be my group’s “golf trip Kingpin.”

Summer adventures


There’s something about driving away, finding an outdoor patio, and enjoying an ice cold craft brew from a local brewery.

I bet over the past five years, I’ve put 30,000 summer miles on my truck. Recent adventures include Omaha, Milwaukee, Ely, Lincoln, Minneapolis, the Black Hills, and of course, anywhere with a golf tournament.


The bite is better in the fall and spring, but I don’t need to catch fish anymore to love it. I’ll cast, troll, or jig. If I’m comfortable and I have a view, I’m content on the water. Bug-free too, please.  

If the walleyes are biting somewhere, you know how to get a hold of me.

Summer is just the absolute best. Wait, it’s August already?


The sweet sounds of summer always bring me back to my childhood.

I grew up along the Missouri River in Pierre, caught turtles, canoed to the island to have a picnic, learned to water ski, and painted as many rocks as possible. I was a free spirited child, always seeking adventure and not afraid of much.

My dad taught me how to fish, be true to yourself, and go out of your comfort zone. Now, I hope to teach our daughter some of the same things I learned to love as a child.

Some highlights of our summer have been a recent purchase of a pop-up camper, learning more about our backyard chickens, and being a better gardener.


We made our maiden voyage in our new camper over the Fourth of July, and I’m happy to say it was a success. Besides the mosquitos and our daughter’s eye getting swollen shut, that is.

We enjoyed swimming and hiking at Camden State Park right outside of Marshall, MN. It’s a perfect area for camping–check it out!

Our chickens provide another type of enjoyment in our life. Our daughter loves them the most and pets them all on a daily basis so they get tons of TLC. They love to free range, and we get to eat plenty of egg bakes so it’s a win-win! My husband built the most adorable chicken coop last summer - barnyard red - with the cutest cupola.

Our garden has flourished this year, with plenty of cucumbers and beans right now. Tomatoes will be here soon and that means canning season! I’m excited to say we will be getting our first apples from our trees this fall. They finally have fruit and we can’t wait!

Another first is that we made our own compost pile and it’s been ‘cooking’ throughout the last year. We just spread it over our garden beds so we are hoping for the best.

All in all, summer always brings plenty of activities for my family, and I love being able to use the land we live on to grow a prairie, a garden, and raise crazy chickens.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.   


When we think about summer, what often comes to mind is relaxation–sunshine, vacations, and evenings spent on patios.

Perhaps it’s a holdover from childhood, when summer truly did imply a break, but summer as an adult seems to be synonymous with the simultaneously dreaded and lauded word: busy.

We get pretty riled up about that word, don’t we? If you’re not busy, what are you doing? If you are busy, you better not be bragging about it.

As I reflect on my summer, the busy-ness has all been positive. Weddings, weekend trips, visiting friends, and so much more have all being packed into these few short months.

It’s exciting. It’s a little exhausting. But it’s summer, and that’s kind of the nature of the season.


In the last two months, I have:

  • Finalized what felt like hundreds of details for my own wedding

  • Got married!

  • Took a mini-honeymoon to the beautiful town of LaCrosse, WI.

  • Attended a cousin’s wedding in Minneapolis

  • Attended a friend’s wedding in Sioux Falls

  • Spent a weekend in northern Minnesota with a good friend

  • Spent a weekend in Minneapolis for a concert with friends

  • ...and spent another weekend in Minneapolis visiting relatives

Now, there’s still a full month of warm weather before autumn begins to set in, and (hopefully) daily life starts to settle down.

While I do have a couple more plans for the upcoming weekends, I’ve been eagerly awaiting a few lazy summer evenings or Saturdays with nothing but a lawn chair and a good book calling my name.

It’s a grass-is-always-greener mentality, isn’t it? If you’re busy, you wish you had time to relax. If your calendar is wide open, you wish you had more plans.

But life moves in cycles. Or, quite literally, seasons.

Busy-ness, or lack thereof, is only “bad” if you make it that way.

Would we look forward to the slowing and the time for rest and rebirth that autumn brings, if the previous season wasn’t brimming with life?

Would the slowing of autumn be as powerful if the holiday season wasn’t right around the corner?

And maybe your life looks a bit different than mine. Maybe summer is your slowdown, and fall ramps up with a new semester, or a new project at work.

However your calendar ebbs and flows, busy-ness and relaxation are ideal dancing partners. They balance one another well, if you let them.