April Roundup

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What We're reading: Email Inspiration, the Boston Marathon, and more...

What's the point of reading great blogs, and learning new tips and tricks, if you're not going to share?

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Adweek - Adidas Created Personalized Videos for 30,000 Boston Marathon Runners in 24 Hours

I recently visited Boston, MA to see my amazingly talented friend run in the 122nd Boston Marathon, and I thought it fitting to share a few thoughts.

I'd heard while I was there that Adidas had done something unique for each marathoner. They teamed up with the digital agency, Grow, to create special memories throughout the day by generating data from the race bibs.

They created a marathon video customized for each of the 30,000 runners showing splits and times at difficult checkpoints throughout the race. The day was filled with pouring rain, freezing temperatures, and a roaring headwind, so having this personal video was that much more meaningful. In the days following the race, Adidas garnered plenty of positive social engagement. As of April 19th, Grow rendered 26,948 videos, and approximately 15 percent of those videos have been shared on Facebook, with 8,000 comments and 36,000-plus reactions.

Boston was a magical event with all the runners and crowd cheerleaders creating a notable presence in the social media world. Congrats to all the runners; be very proud of yourselves. 



chamaileon - Inspirational Newsletter Topic Ideas for Your Next Email Campaign

At Fisheye Marketing, we're starting to place a focus on helping companies develop a strategy around marketing automation and email. This will be a goal of ours throughout 2018. [Note: Email is not dead.] 

But with email, comes brain freezes. Writer's block. Whatever you call it. Being creative is hard. 

That's why I found this article valuable. It was the 'thunder' to any email marketer's "brainstorm." 

This is a process we'll adopt at Fisheye with our clients as we help them push toward creating great email. 



Contently - The Art of Co-Marketing

As a young marketing firm in a small city, we find ourselves interacting with other small business owners and marketing professionals almost daily.

Networking and learning from your peers is an important part of any business, but how do you tread the line between harmless networking and overstepping your bounds with a competitor? 

As this post suggests, sometimes, "Having allies is one way to do more with less." The author, Elena Ruchko, gave several examples of collaboration opportunities her company has taken and benefitted from. 

Do any of you have experience collaborating with peers in your industry? 

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