Roundup from the FishBowl

Our Team Shares Their Favorite Marketing Content

Here at Fisheye, our team places great value in continued education. 

To ensure we’re providing our clients with excellent content, we must continually feed ourselves the highest quality content and ideas.

One of the ways we make sure we’re staying up-to-date on the latest innovations in our field is by reading countless blogs and articles.

Whenever we find a particularly interesting piece, we pass it on to one another in the office. 

But we can't keep it all to ourselves. Keep scrolling to read more about each of our team members' favorite article of the month. 



Jon Loomer - February 9, 2018 - “Your Facebook Page Organic Reach is Dropping (But Not Really)”

I think that the drop in Organic Reach has been somewhat overhyped.

As Facebook marketers, we have had it easy for a long time. Free marketing! A Facebook page which provides great value will still see results organically from Facebook, but you must think differently to stay on top in the digital world.

And as Jon Loomer said himself, a lot of this simply is the way they are reporting the reach.

"The difference in standards for organic and paid reach is odd — so, it’s a good thing that this is changing to make them consistent."




Story Needle - December 19 - How Content Can Answer Unanticipated Questions

As marketers, we're consistently trying to provide clients and customers with the best answers to questions we hear them asking. 

This piece from Story Needle dissects the types of answers and content we get caught up in creating: i.e. the "Top Tasks" approach vs. the "Long-Tail" approach. The Top Tasks approach assumes that the top 10 customer queries are the only ones in need of addressing, while the Long-Tail approach creates content for multiple variations of queries. 

The approaches are different, but the end goal is the same: answer your clients' questions. 

Yet the post goes on to explain how our focus must shift from providing succinct answers, to offering valuable information, which in turn, sparks unique questions. 

And it goes even further. The writers at StoryNeedle delve deep into the future of technology and its developing abilities as far as conversations between humans and tech go. 

In short, however, they propose that our goal as marketers should not be to check off a list of questions, but rather, to encourage and welcome our audience to ask NEW questions by providing high-quality, inspirational content. 



Facebook Newsroom - February 9, 2018 - A New Investment in Community Leaders

It's interesting to see how Facebook has become not only a place to meet friends, but to grow your business, learn about the happening events in your hometown, and now it's putting more of an emphasis on the local groups and committees.

Facebook is now investing in Community Leaders by providing direct, collaborative support and giving grants directly to the people creating and leading these communities.

This is a sustainable approach to appreciating where you live, growing the local economy, inspiring people to be more involved, and providing a way to educate our society and foster community.

What did you think of the articles and blog posts we shared? Let us know in the comments–we'd love to hear your feedback.